Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well, you know, if you feel like it, you ought to share it with the American people

Good lord, someone followed my advice. Is that even legal? Sen. John Warner asked John Negroponte what the benchmarks for civil war in Iraq would be. Negroponte said: “a complete loss of central government security control, the disintegration or deterioration of the security forces of the country,” and “unauthorized forces . . . getting the upper hand in the situation.” Of course all of those are highly subjective judgments, so it’s really not all that helpful.

A couple of bits of yesterday’s ABC interview with Bush I missed, because of the truly sucky ABC website:
VARGAS: I wanted to ask you very quickly how the vice president’s doing. A lot of people thought he looked a little shaken when he appeared in public after the hunting accident.

BUSH: Yeah.

VARGAS: Is he doing okay, now?

BUSH: He is. Yeah. He was shaken. ... He’s a strong fellow. He’s a steady person, but no question that he was affected by it. He came in the Oval, here, just he and I. I said, "Dick, this got you, didn’t it?" And he said, "It sure did." I said, "Well, you know, if you feel like it, you ought to share it with the American people." And he did, he did a good job of talking about the, the pain he felt.
VARGAS: Your desk is so clean Mr. President.

BUSH: Yeah, well, you know that is what happens when you have desk cleaners everywhere.
And your ass is so clean, Mr. President....

Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein and his fellow defendants take a day off from their trial and ride a roller coaster. Wheee!

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