Thursday, June 22, 2006

George in Hungaryland

Bush is in Hungary to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising, which George has always found deeply inspirational and moving since he first heard of it this morning after breakfast. He called it “the idea of a revolution that celebrated the notion that all men and women should be free.” Celebrated? He does know it was crushed, right? Of course Bush being Bush drew from the events of 1956 his usual conclusion about the universal desire to be free, without quite noticing that they were about the desire of a small nation to be free from the occupying army of a large imperial power attempting to impose its ideology on them. That might have been a less comfortable lesson, and Bush doesn’t like those.

Caption contest:

What is Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany explaining to George?

Unfortunately for Ferenc, the last toast has put George in one of his “frisky” moods

I’d title this one “Bush’s brain just broke” except 1) You could use that caption for most pictures of Bush, 2) It assumes that his brain ever worked.

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