Monday, June 19, 2006

There’s never a duffel bag around when you need one

Headline from the Pentagon’s website: “Mountain Thrust Continues in Afghanistan.”

Bush went to the United States Merchant Marine Academy to give the commencement address. He informed the midshippersons that when Andy Card went there, he’d been stuffed in a duffel bag and run up the flagpole. Other than that not much decent blog-fodder in the speech. He did have a message for the Iranian people (although I’m assuming relatively few Iranian citizens were in the graduating class of the United States Merchant Marine Academy): evidently the US respects Iranians, and especially Cyrus the Great, who Bush has admired since he first heard about him, from his own mouth as he read the name off the teleprompter.

And then... ah screw it: let’s just show the pictures.

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