Friday, June 02, 2006

Things that shouldn’t happen, do happen

Rumsfeld says it’s not our fault that Iraq has gone belly-up: “The thing that held that country together before was repression and putting hundreds of thousands of people in jail and in mass graves.” Re Haditha, he uses the “99.9% of our military don’t shoot children, so why focus on the other .1%” line and the “We also know that in conflicts, things that shouldn’t happen, do happen” line (for the record, the first is a paraphrase, the 2nd a direct quote). Note that no one in the Bush admin seems able to condemn Haditha without adding caveats.

More on the “core warrior values” training: “The training package includes five possible scenarios, including encountering a roadside bomb and being engaged by enemy fire from a mosque or school... Servicemembers will discuss the ethical and legal issues in each scenario, and the proper reaction”. However, Brig. Gen. Donald Campbell, chief of staff of Multinational Corps Iraq reassures us, “The training will not overly sensitize servicemembers, because it will still emphasize every servicemember’s right to self-defense.” Phew. I know I was worried about service members becoming overly sensitized by this hippy-dippy core warrior values training.

Here, for no particular reason, are Bush & Cheney going to the swearing-in ceremony for OMB Director Rob Portman.

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