Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Welcome to the real world

We’re all relieved that Gillian Gibbons has been released from a Sudanese prison for the crime of letting her students name a teddy bear “Mohammed,” and safely on her way back to Britain (even if that’s not what she wanted), but what happened to poor Mohammed?

Read the whole statement (it’s short) issued by National Security Adviser Boo Hadley on the NIE which says that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003. He doesn’t challenge its conclusion but rather says that even though the entire factual basis behind Bush admin policy was wrong, the policy has in fact been proven correct (“It confirms that we were right to be worried”), and even more pressure should be put on Iran to stop its nonexistent weapons program.

The WaPo reports, “Hadley disagreed that the report showed that past administration statements have been wrong, noting that collecting intelligence on a ‘hard target’ such as Iran is notoriously difficult. ‘Welcome to the real world,’ he said.” Er, did Hadley really just condescend to us about “the real world”?

George Bush, in rapt attention during a performance of A Christmas Carol by, get this, actors from Ford’s Theater. The mind boggles. The mother of Tiny Tim there, next to Bush, is deployed in Iraq.

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