Sunday, December 02, 2007


A lawyer for the US government told a British Court of Appeals that it is the position of the US that it has the legal right to seize without legal proceedings (i.e., kidnap) anyone, anywhere in the world, wanted for trial in the US on any charge, not just terrorism. Of course that’s a legal right under American law; the countries in which these kidnappings take place might have different rules. Or not. Possibly it’s just time to declare every other nation on earth null and void. Because, really, the continued existence of other “nations” with “national” “sovereignty” just gets in our way.

One country that is entirely welcoming is Scotland. We know this because after spending, if memory serves (I somehow forgot to post this story a week or two ago), to come up with a new national slogan, they came up with “Welcome to Scotland.” Reminds me of a British city council some years ago that held a contest among city employees to come up with the best money-saving idea. The winner of the £100 prize had this cunning scheme: offer a prize to members of the public to come up with the best money-saving idea.

Hey, did you know that Belgium hasn’t been able to form a government since June and may be about to fall apart as a nation? Someone should look into that.

OMG, it’s Ruprecht and Ruprecht!

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