Monday, January 07, 2008

Everybody was a blue ribbon school

Yay! a new victimized group is heard from: “post-abortive men.”

Today is the 6th anniversary of the signing of the No Child Left Behind Act, and by coincidence the 6th Circuit ruled this morning that the act imposes unfunded mandates and does so in such a way that states aren’t told what they’re on the hook for when the accept federal ed. dollars.

Bush celebrated the anniversary by going to a Blue Ribbon School in Chicago. “Every good school-- every school that succeeds -- by the way, it’s a Blue Ribbon School. So I asked Margaret -- like, I remember coming up, everybody was a blue ribbon school. I don’t know if you remember those days. It was kind of a feel-good era. Just say, okay, you’re a blue ribbon school, and everybody feels better about education.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “Look, I recognize some people don’t like accountability. In other words, accountability says if you’re failing, we’re going to expose that and expect you to change. Accountability also says that when you’re succeeding you’ll get plenty of praise.”

IN LIKE A FANCY WORD: “it’s also important to disaggregate results, which is like a fancy word for we want to know whether or not each student is learning.”

SIMPLE, UM, TRUTHS: “Sometimes – not ‘sometimes,’ all the time – accountability lays out the truth. There’s nothing better, in my judgment, to making sure that we have a educated workforce, and everybody has a hopeful future, than to just lay out some simple truths. And one of the simple truths is, can this child read at grade level at the appropriate time. That’s a simple truth. Another one is, can the person add and subtract at the appropriate time, and if so, we’ll say thank you.” If they add and subtract at the inappropriate time, however...

MEASURING HOPE: “And so -- but we measure for that reason. We want to know whether or not this nation is going to be competitive, and whether or not it’s going to be hopeful.”

Then he gave a speech about the economy to the Union League Club of Chicago. It was a little dry, so I’ll reduce it to the essentials: all the IN OTHER WORDS bits.
In other words, this is a resilient economy, because we rely on the free enterprise system.

So in other words, on the one hand, we’re continuing to set a record; on the other hand, there’s mixed news.

In other words, when you open up markets, where our goods and services are treated fairly, we can compete with anybody anytime.

In other words, there’s a constructive role for the federal government that I believe will help us during these times of uncertainty, and one of them is to expand the reach of the Federal Housing Administration. In other words, this is a program all aimed at helping credit-worthy people refinance their home so they can stay in it during these times of uncertainty.

In other words, these are constructive ways to deal with the problem we face.

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