Saturday, January 05, 2008

I am always concerned about violence

Thursday, Bush was interviewed by Reuters about his trip to the Middle East. The region originated so many world religions, but the Monkey God was more concerned with mythology: “You know, kind of one of the interesting myths is I haven’t been to the Middle East”.

Why is he going? “[T]o remind our Arab friends and allies, one, they can count on... the United States to provide security in the region”. Because that always works so well. “[B]ut also remind them that they have a great opportunity to help advance the process and to recognize the important role that Israel will play in helping to establish a Palestinian state”. So helpful.

In fact, he will be spending the entire trip “reminding” people of things: “to remind the Palestinians and the Israelis that in order for there to be peace that there has to be a vision of what a state will look like”; “remind the Arab leaders that they, too, can have a constructive role”; “remind everybody that a truly lasting peace will occur when the leaders from both sides make that commitment”; “I will remind them that a country that can suspend a program can easily start a program”. “And my challenge is to remind the American people that while they’re paying attention to these primaries there is a President actively engaged solving problems.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “So the vision is set out, something around which people can rally -- in other words people in the Palestinian Territories can say, I’m for this, this is what I want to have happen, and therefore we reject those who espouse terror.”

IN OTHER WORDS, AND OTHER TRACKS: “So in other words, there’s a dual track that parallels the negotiations on what the state would look like; but actually there’s a third track as well, which is helping the Palestinians develop the institutions necessary for the state to be a state that meets the needs of its people.” “In other words, there’s a series of steps we’re taking”.

MIDDLE EAST LEADERS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY: He will “remind” them that “they can easily stay mired in the issue of the moment, and that they have a responsibility, it seems to me, is to make sure that as they deal with problems, but to think about what a definition of a state will mean to their own security and for peace.”

Watch a political master at work masterfully concealing his ignorance about what’s going on in the region he’s about to visit (masterfully):

Q: And are you worried that the latest violence over there is going to undermine your efforts?

BUSH: Am I worried about violence undermining --

Q: The latest violence over there --

BUSH: I’m worried about violence everywhere in the world undermining the efforts of free societies to emerge.

He even slipped in an IN OTHER WORDS: “In other words, people use violence to stop the emergence of a free society. That’s the conflict we’re in. And so I am always concerned about violence.”

Paying attention, Huckabee?

He said there should be a political accommodation in Kenya, presumably between the people who stole the election and the people who actually won it, “some kind of arrangement that will help heal the wounds of a closely divided election.” Reached for comment, Al Gore just sighed. And Bush warned, “it’s going to be hard to help a country if it gets wracked by violence.”

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto is “another wake-up signal to the realities of the world in which we live.” “After all, this brave woman was killed by terrorists with a terrorist act.” He talked about the need for cooperation with “the Paks.”

Asked if he believed Al Qaida was responsible, he judiciously said, “I will withhold judgment until we know the facts -- but it has all the hallmarks of how they operate, and that is to kill innocent people, to murder. It was cold-blooded murder, and they did that -- they’ve done that -- or people like them, or people affiliated with them, or people who think they’re -- you know, people who are trying to copy them murder innocent people for political objectives. And so I can’t make an accusation in this case as to who did it until -- I’m sure we’ll find out.”

THAT CAN BE PAINFUL: “I’m also concerned, as I mentioned, about people feeling the pinch in their homes.”

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