Thursday, January 03, 2008

The knickers saved the day

Iowa voters are caucusing, or Iowa caucusers are voting, or something, but one thing is sure: whatever the results, the corn abides.

Also, no one has to pay attention to Iowa again for four years.

Okay, am I the only one who saw the headline “China Ships Food Aid to Zimbabwe” (BBC) and thought, but an hour later you feel like you need food aid again?

Speaking of obvious straight lines, China is planning to change its method of execution from shooting to forcing the prisoner to suck on toys made for export to the United Stateslethal injection.

Best line about the Tatiana the Tiger incident, from Jon Carroll: “Here’s a rule of thumb: If it’s burning bright in the forests of the night, best not to throw rocks at it.”

Headline of the day: “Giant Knickers Put out House Fire.” I have refrained from including a photo of the somewhat scorched hero knickers (heroine knickers, I guess). Said the proud owner of the garment in question, “My family could have been in hospital but the knickers saved the day.”

Not quite the headlines of the day, but here are two successive AP headlines: 1) “Importance of Teaching Evolution Noted.” 2) “Man Using GPS Drives in Front of Train.” Here endeth the lesson.

The story after that is “Unemployed to Sterilize Monkeys in India.”

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