Thursday, February 07, 2008

McCain was against government feeling empowered to take from us our freedom before he was for it

Congresscritter Darlene Hooley (D-Oregon) is retiring after 12 years. Honest to God, I can’t remember ever having heard of her before this very minute. Nevertheless, “Darlene Hooley” is our Name of the Day. Congratulations.

McCain also made a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference today. Half of it assured them over and over that he was a true, Reagan-corpse-dry-humping conservative, the other half was about how he has so much principled integrity that he would never pander to anyone.

He said that either Obama or Clinton would take us back to the days of Big Government “when government felt empowered to take from us our freedom to decide for ourselves the course and quality of our lives”. In the very next sentence he castigated Democratic senators for blocking the extension of government surveillance.

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