Friday, February 15, 2008

Wherein is revealed one of the great things about American democracy

Yesterday, Bush was interviewed by reporters from African radio stations.

He explained the agenda of his African trip: “I want the people on the continent of Africa to know that the American people care deeply about the human condition”.

And he’s not going empty-handed: “And so this is going to be a trip that I bring the goodwill of American people”.

He’s also bringing a double helping of IN OTHER WORDS: “Exports to the United States from the continent of Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, have tripled. Exports from the United States to sub-Saharan Africa have doubled. In other words, this trade has been good. One way to firm up the commitment to make sure that our nation remains non-protectionist -- in other words, a free trading nation -- is to complete the Doha Round.”

IN OTHER W— HEY, HE USED “CRITERION” CORRECTLY! “Nations that have received Millennium Challenge grants have met a test. In other words, there is a criterion to qualify for the money.”

IN OTHER WORDS: “In other words, if there’s hopelessness, then it’s liable that extremists who are recruiting people to create havoc not only in their respective countries or neighborhoods, but also in our country -- if there’s hopelessness, they have a better chance to recruit.”

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: “Remember that the ideology that is prevalent, that uses murder as a weapon, cannot recruit in hopeful places.”

LIBERIA IS NOT YOUNG, BUT IT LOOKS MAAHVELOUS: “And so, my hope, of course, is that people that have been here trying to save themselves from the violence, go help this young -- not young, but this country get back on its feet.”

SEPARATED AT BIRTH? “Mr. Mugabe has ruined a country”.

A Ghanaian reporter seized this career-making opportunity:
Q: Mr. President, I will recommend you, during your short visit to my country, to have a taste in our juicy, tasty and nicely perfumed pineapples.

BUSH: Pineapples.
TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN. EVER: “You’re right, my presidency does end. And that’s one of the great things about American democracy.”

SPEAKING OF TALKING VEGETABLES: “In other words, the United States farmer is willing to take less of a subsidy if his -- can be assured that his product will get a fair hearing in somebody else’s market”.

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