Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bush in South Korea: And my hope is that the axis of evil list no longer exists

Bush was in South Korea this morning, and held a press conference with the Korean president. As ever, Bush focused with laser-like intensity on the most important aspect of the meetings: “And Laura and I and Barbara are looking forward to lunch.”

Bush in South Korea, 8.6.08  4

He was asked about the pre-Olympics crack-down on human rights in China, and responded, not for the first time, by talking about only one human right, religious: “I’ve been meeting with Chinese leaders now for seven and a half years; my message has been the same: You should not fear religious people in your society”.

Bush in South Korea, 8.6.08  2

But then again, asked about North Korea coming off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, he talked only about nuclear weapons: “They got to, like, show us a verification regime that we can trust.”

They’ll also have to do that to get off what Bush calls “the axis of evil list.”

Bush in South Korea, 8.6.08  1

ALSO, SANTA’S “NAUGHTY OR NICE” LIST, BECAUSE HE’S TIRED OF GETTING LUMPS OF COAL: “And my hope is that the ‘axis of evil’ list no longer exists. That’s my hope, for the sake of peace.”

Although one thing is for certain: “I mean, one thing is for certain that he did blow up the cooling tower.”

Bush in South Korea, 8.6.08  3

After that lunch, he went to a US Army garrison because “I always look forward to the chance to say ‘Hooah!’” Well, who doesn’t? Say it with me right now: Hooah!

Bush in South Korea, 8.6.08  5

Are your co-workers giving you the same look my cat’s giving me right now?


THE RUBBLES OF WAR: “We’ve worked with our allies to help build a free and prosperous country out of the rubbles of war.”

He liked the South Korean army too (what’s the Korean for “Hooah!”?): “One of the signs of Korea’s emergence is a professional and capable military. It’s one of the things you look for, when you see a country begin to get on its feet and take control of its destiny, is what kind of military does it have?” One that overthrew the civilian government and ruled with an iron fist, crushing all dissent, for thirty years, thank you for asking.

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