Saturday, August 09, 2008

Of boars and butts

Bush gave his weekly radio address from China, and hey guess what, he’s learned something important: “This trip has reaffirmed my belief that men and women who aspire to speak their conscience and worship their God are no threat to the future of China.” He doesn’t say what he saw or heard that reaffirmed that belief. Maybe another of those magic rainbows. He continued, “They are the people who will make China a great nation in the 21st century.” This actually goes further than he usually goes, beyond a plea for tolerance to one for actual dominance by God-botherers.

You’ve probably seen the footage of Bush looking at his watch during the opening ceremonies.

Meanwhile, back in the States, McCain was campaigning yesterday at the Iowa State Fair. Here is the winner of the, ahem, Big Boar competition.

Back to China. At, I believe, the exact moment Laura and Not-Jenna were touring the Forbidden City, Bush was attempting to explore a little forbidden city of his own.

Wow, look at that ass.

And we all know to what I was referring by “that ass,” don’t we?

This has been another episode of Subtle Political Commentary Theater.

Oh, and Georgia just declared a state of war with Russia. Just sayin’.

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