Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If not much longer than that

Condi is in Israel, because she’s going to have the entire Middle East thing solved by January, as you know. She held a press conference with Foreign Minister (and next prime minister?) Tzipi Livni, at which the latter was asked about a Peace Now report that settlement activity has doubled this year. Tzipi dismissed this as irrelevant: “the peace process is not and should not be affected by any kind of settlement activities. ... at the end of the day, the role of leaders is to try and find a way to live in peace in the future, and to avoid any kind of -- not to let any kind of noises that relate to the situation on the ground these days to enter the negotiations room.” Yes, by all means let’s not let “noises” about “the situation on the ground” (what some might call “reality”) enter the negotiations room.

Condi mildly criticized the settlement building as “unhelpful,” and herself helpfully added that “this is a conflict that goes back at least 40 years, if not much longer than that.”

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