Monday, April 12, 2010


When the (evil twin) brother of the late Polish President Kaczynski went to identify his body, Vladimir Putin, according to the London Times, “asked if he could go along as well”. Kaczynski said no.

Little-known fact: one of Putin’s hobbies is examining the bodies of airplane crash victims.

The Jobbik party, a Hungarian nationalist party (and if you guessed that “nationalist” meant anti-Semitic and anti-Roma, you guessed correctly) won 16.7% in the 1st round of parliamentary elections. Now I’m afraid the London Times confused me somewhat here, since the story mentioning that the party “has a uniformed wing that marches in military formation” was accompanied by this picture.

It turns out that those people are not from Jobbik’s Magyar Garda at all but from the Association of Cultural Preservation for Hungarian Hussar Unit. The Magyar Garda look rather less festive,

although they do have the feather, which is a nice touch.

Also from the London Times (that pay wall in June is beginning to worry me), someone in Kandahar asks about today’s incident, “Even they must know a bus is full of civilians? If they are afraid of a bus, how can they continue with an operation in Kandahar?” And the head of security in the Kandahar police dept dismissed protesters thusly: “They were unemployed people and some of the bus passengers.”

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