Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today -100: April 7, 1910: Of dead animals, socialist utopias, and Jews

On his African trip, Teddy Roosevelt sent 11,397 specimens of slaughtered vertebrates to the Smithsonian. That’s 4,000 birds, 2,000 reptiles and batrachians, 500 fishies, and 4,897 mammals. That’s the difference between TR and Dick Cheney: Cheney never sent any lawyer specimens to the Smithsonian.

Milwaukee’s mayor-elect, the socialist Emil Seidel, says “There will be no Utopia, no millennium, none of the wild antics that our opponents have charged to us.” But he promises that the street cars will be cleaner.

At the B’nai B’rith’s annual banquet, President Taft said that he likes Jews “because they are essentially artistic, because they make excellent citizens, and are in favor of law and order.”

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