Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today -100: April 18, 1910: Of ghosts, owls, and complacent sinners

The unions representing the striking Philadelphia trolley workers declare the strike over, on the company’s terms, over-ruling a referendum of the strikers which showed a slight majority for rejecting the terms.

The NYT blames a revolt that has broken out in Guatemala on former Nicaraguan President Zelaya.

At a mass meeting associated with National American Woman’s Suffrage Association’s annual convention, Beatrice Forbes-Robertson says that American opponents of women’s suffrage divide into the ghosts, the owls (or hooters) and the complacent sinners. Ghosts feared that only bad women would vote, that women would deprive the men of their darling vices, that women wouldn’t vote, or that they would do nothing else but vote. (It’s unclear from the article who owls might be.)

French suffragists are planning to stand, illegally, for election to the Chamber of Deputies next week. One of them, Marguerite Durand, running in the Ninth Arrondissement, “produced a male idiot on the platform, sarcastically explaining that he had a right to vote and she had not.” (A recent court case established that idiocy is not a bar to the exercise of the franchise.)

It seems that Tenn. Governor Patterson has actually issued lots of pardons to convicted murderers, not just those who happen to be his friends, 152 of them since taking office in 1907.

Charles Green, professor at the Harvard Medical School, says that co-education endangers the future of the American home and that boys and girls should be segregated after kindergarten. He cites the danger of [CHEAP LAUGH WARNING] “the effect on the nervous system of children of both sexes of constant intercourse in the school room.”

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