Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today -100: April 13, 1910: Of hunting royalty, eggs, Tong wars, and co-eds1

When Roosevelt was in Rome, Abbot Lawrence Janssens of the Benedictines tried to visit him (he wasn’t in). Since the pope had refused to see TR unless he promised not to see Methodists as well, the Vatican publicly repudiated the abbot, adding, “It did not wish Mr. Roosevelt to bracket the Pope with other more or less royal personages he will boast of having hunted in Europe after his African hunt.” (Update: as a result, Janssens was soon forced out of his position as secretary of the Congregation of Affairs of Religious Orders.)

More attacks in New York on kosher meat dealers and shops in an attempt to enforce the meat boycott. Rumors have it that meat wholesalers in the city have been buying up eggs in large quantities in order to raise their price, thereby preventing them being used as a substitute for meat. And in Brooklyn, the high price of beef, pork, lamb etc has led to the poor turning to goat meat.

In rhyming news, Fong Hong has been shot in Tong war.

Tufts college will cease to be co-ed. A separate college will be started for women students.

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