Friday, September 03, 2010

I want to support what is the outcome that the parties can agree to

Today Secretary of State Clinton was interviewed jointly by Israeli and Palestinian tv.

AND BY ASSOCIATED, YOU MEAN THAT YOU WERE MARRIED TO THE PRESIDENT: “And I think I’m the first person ever associated with an American administration who called for a Palestinian state as a way to realize the two-state solution.”

WHAT’S CLEAR TO HILLARY: “It’s clear to me that the forces of growth and positive energy are in a conflict with the forces of destruction and negativity.” “Forces of growth and positive energy.” That’s good rhetoric, Hills, because if Muslims and Jews can find common ground on anything, it’s that spacey new age talk like that is annoying.

WHAT HILLARY CANNOT DO: “Now, I will be the first to tell you it is very difficult. I cannot change history. I cannot take an eraser to the history books and change everything that has happened between you for so many years.” For example, while some Palestinians might wish to erase the Jews, Hillary would want to erase just one Jew, named Monica.

WHAT WE GOT: “And from [Israelis’] perspective, and one of the reasons for the skepticism in Israel, is we pulled out of Lebanon, we got Hezbollah, we pulled out of Gaza, we got Hamas.” Straight out of the Likud handbook, that line.

But it gets worse:

“So I think that Iran is a serious problem. I’m the first to tell you that.” Funny, I thought Iran was a country. “It’s a problem not just for the United States. It’s a problem for the entire region, because more than anyone, you see the results. I mean, Hamas is not only attacking Israelis; Hamas has been brutal to the people in Gaza in so many ways over the last years.” Hamas = Iran.

NO ONE DESERVES A FUTURE IN TORONTO OR CHICAGO: “I’m hoping that the leadership will be willing to try one more time and to be willing to do the hard work of making peace, because these young people – they deserve to have a future in Ramallah or Jericho, not in Toronto or Chicago.”

Asked, presumably by the Israeli reporter, why she had changed her mind since Candidate Hillary said that Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel: “I want to support what is the outcome that the parties can agree to.”

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