Friday, September 03, 2010

Just remember where they’ve been

The chief rabbi of Britain refuted Stephen Hawking’s proof of the non-existence of God. But he did it behind the Times’s paywall, which means that you live in a cold, purposeless, chaotic universe unless you pay Rupert Murdoch.

Fortunately for those of living outside the paywall we still have the Daily Telegraph, which today introduces us to the world’s biggest potato. Those of us outside Murdoch’s praywall will just have to worship it as our new god:

Headline of the Day: “JM Barrie in Clear over Dead Babies Found in Trunk.” Turns out the trunk was owned by a nurse named Janet M. Barrie, and not by the author of Peter Pan.

Make-Over of the Day: “Phone Box Turned into Lavatory.” When was the last time you saw a phone box that hadn’t been turned into a lavatory?

Finally, some nurses at an NHS hospital in Milton Keynes do a rap about washing your hands (the rap begins at 0:58). “Even if your hands look clean / Just remember where they’ve been.” So sad, so very sad.

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