Saturday, September 25, 2010

You won’t have Balls to kick around anymore

Not that it matters, since Blair and Brown have made Labour unelectable for a generation, but the Labour leadership contest took place today at the Labour Party conference. To the disappointment of every British headline writer, Ed Balls was eliminated in the third round of voting, but Ed Miliband was finally able to vanquish his older brother David, who was ahead of him in votes in each of the first three rounds. Awkward!

“You’re Fredo.” “No, you’re Fredo.”

This blog predicted David Miliband’s failure two years ago when he was photographed with a banana.

Ed Miliband is 40, has only been in Parliament five years. Like many European politicians, he is not married to his partner, with whom he has a child. When do you suppose that will be possible in puritan America?

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