Monday, June 06, 2011

Man-On-Dog is in it to win it!

Rick Santorum entered the presidential race today, just in time to be cockblocked by Anthony Weiner. His email says, “I have stood up for family, faith, fetuses, and freedom.” I may have added one of those.

At his announcement, he talked about how his grandfather emigrated from fascist Italy, where everyone referred to him as “il mix spumeggiante di materia fecale lubrificante e che a volte è il sottoprodotto del sesso anale,” and came to the United States so he could achieve the American dream of working down a Pennsylvania coal mine until he was 72.

In Obama’s America, Little Ricky says, “Every single American will be hooked to the government with an IV.” I dunno, sounds better than working down a mine until you’re 72. I mean, if that’s the choice.

At Normandy, (today’s D-Day +67), evidently, “Those Americans risked everything so they could make that decision on their health care plan.”

George Stephanopoulos asked Santorum if Sarah Palin was right about Paul Revere. He refused to comment.

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