Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Today -100: June 1, 1911: Of retiring dictators, titanics (titanix?), palaces, and veterans

Former-President-For-Life Porfirio Díaz gets on a boat and takes his leave of Mexico. His final words on shore: “I shall die in Mexico,” adding, “or, you know, maybe France. Whatever.” In a little speech before that to some loyalist soldiers, he said that the new government would be forced to use his methods – repression, violence, general assholery, that sort of thing – to maintain peace. One of those soldiers was Gen. Victoriano Huerta, so we know one person at least took Díaz’s words to heart.

Eek. NYT Index Typo of the Day: “WOMEN FIGHT SUFFRAGE BILL; Ask Connecticut mouse to Reject One Passed by Senate.”

Headline of the Day -100: “The Titanic Launched.”

Someone has blown up the presidential palace (and a fort) in Nicaragua, killing over 100 people. Believed to be a plot by supporters of former prez Estrada.

The Commissioner of Pensions rules that Louise Bliss is not a veteran and did not, as she has often claimed, dress as a man and fight in the Civil War. So no pension for her.

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