Friday, June 03, 2011

Today -100: June 3, 1911: Of cram, phone calls, and who owns Guatemala

Dirty-Sounding-But-Not-Really-Dirty Headline of the Day -100: “M’Aneny Asks Dix to Withdraw Cram.”

The cost of telephone calls in 1911 NYC: the Public Service Commission has ordered reductions in rates. Henceforth calls from Manhattan to Brooklyn will cost 5 for 5 minutes or less (reduced from 10 ), and those from Manhattan to Long Island will be 10 , down from 15 .

An American-French syndicate headed by A. E. Spriggs, the former lieutenant governor of Montana, now owns Guatemala. That is, it has been granted rights to the country’s entire mineral resources (for which it will pay the Guatemalan government 10% of the profits), exclusive rights to use waterways, and rights to build roads, railways, bridges, etc, to operate telephone and telegraph lines, electric plants and any other public utilities it sees fit, to sell farm products, operate banks and newspapers, etc etc.

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