Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Irony is dead, or something

Cain, refusing to answer questions about the now three women he allegedly sexually harassed, yells at reporters, “What part of no do you not understand.”

Monday was Cain’s best fundraising day ever. Who knew that the Berlusconi model would work in America?

Some random news items:

San Francisco is banning nudity at restaurants (for customers, not staff, I guess). The ordinance was proposed by Supervisor Wiener, because of course it was.

Looking at the SF Chronic’s website for their version of that story, I stumbled across this headline: “Dolores Park’s Latest Controversy Involves Sausages.” A hot dog cart has been banned from the SF park. It’s called the Sausage Slinger, because of it course it is.

Japanese member of Parliament Yasuhiro Sonoda, asked by reporters to prove his repeated claims that the Fukushima nuclear plant is now safe, drank a glass of water collected from the reactor. He will be missed.

British headline: “Queen Victoria’s Giant Bloomers Expected to Fetch £3,000 at Auction.”

If someone buys them just to wear while eating at Hot ’n’ Hunky Burgers in the Castro, I don’t want to know (yes, I know Hot ’n’ Hunky is long gone).

(Follow-up: they sold for £9,375.)

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