Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today -100: November 2, 1911: Generous and chivalrous civilization

In the Los Angeles mayoral election, Socialist candidate Job Harriman (Eugene Debs’ running mate in 1900 and currently one of the lawyers for the McNamara brothers in the LA Times bombing trial – which is currently dragging through jury selection) wins a plurality over Good Government candidate, incumbent and general asshole George Alexander, 20,157 to 16,790, not enough to avoid a run-off next month, or, as the LA Times puts it (Nov. 1 issue), “a final battle between the Good Government forces and Socialism”.

Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti denies that Italian troops are killing Libyans and Turks indiscriminately. Why, if they are guilty of anything, it is an “excess of humanitarianism.” “He who asserts that the Italian soldier would offend woman or child shows ignorance of our country and race.” He also complained about the “treachery” of Arabs who declared loyalty to their new imperial rulers, then shot them in the back, and then knifed the wounded. He calls the invasion “an example of generous and chivalrous civilization.”

Speaking of examples of generous and chivalrous civilization, one Italian pilot drops four bombs on a Turkish encampment, the first ever aerial bombardment. Hurrah.

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