Thursday, August 02, 2012

For those majoring in crazy and/or meatheadedness

If you were a student of one of these Southern Californian universities, I’m not sure which would be more worrying to read in today’s LA Times:

1) A pharmaceutical sciences professor at UC Irvine (his UCI faculty page only misspells pharmaceutical once) set several fires and planned to get “a dozen machine guns” to shoot up the high school attended by his son, who committed suicide.

2) USC will establish a think tank in association with well-known thinker Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sez the former governator, “It would be a shame to think what I learned from my governorship over seven years … ways of solving problems — will now be left behind and no one will benefit.” Yup, that would be a shame all right.

Oh lord, USC will make him a professor of state and global policy. And “The university is also in discussions with Schwarzenegger to house his personal collection at the institute.” Personal collection of what, the LAT does not explain. The mind boggles, really.

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