Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today -100: August 19, 1912: Of apples and Southerners

Throngs hanging around Woodrow Wilson’s home, waiting for a glimpse of the man, have taken all the apples from his apple trees.

Today -100’s NYT is filled with letters from Southern editors, politicians and others saying that Southerners won’t vote for Roosevelt. The editor of the Augusta Chronicle, for example, says that there are only two white men in Richmond County who incline to him and “one of these is a Taft disappointee, while the other is just queer.”

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  1. Assuming a throng was interested enough to gather at Mitt Romney's house, one wonders (or shudders to think) what they would pick/steal.

  2. Magic underwear?

    Rafalca's poop?

    Mitt's sense of entitlement?