Friday, August 10, 2012

Today -100: August 10, 1912: Of dirty and black-hearted liars, American bottoms, and canals

Headline of the Day -100: “‘Liar!’ Shouts Gov. Blease.” South Carolina Gov. Coleman Blease, who does not seem to be running out of ways to call people liars, calls the person who says Blease was paid to steer the case of a millionaire wanted on a Tennessee warrant to a judge who would release him “as dirty and black-hearted a liar as ever disgraced a Christian state.”

The House passes the Wireless Bill, giving the federal government the power to license and regulate the airwaves. It includes a provision that wireless messages must only be given to those for whom they are intended.

The Senate passes the Panama Canal Bill, giving American ships free passage through the canal (when it opens), or as the NYT puts it, “From the beginning to the end it was evident that the Senate was bent on granting free passage to American bottoms.” This is a violation of the treaty under which the Canal is being built. Also, ships owned by companies which are in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act or the Inter-State Commerce Act or are owned by railroad companies will be banned from the canal.

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