Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today -100: April 21, 1913: Are we in Russia?

As mentioned, the British home secretary has banned women’s suffrage meetings in Hyde Park and other public spaces because they were leading to riots. Turns out, the British public likes bans on public meetings even less than it likes suffragettes, so Hyde Park was just as turbulent yesterday -100 (Sunday), with cries of “Are we in Russia?” The London Times thinks they resent losing their Sunday “sport” of hassle-the-suffragette.

60 IWW activists arrive in Grand Junction, CO, march to police hq and demand food. 16 of them then went to a restaurant, ordered food and refused to pay. Posses are being organized.

Isadora Duncan says she will quit the stage and become a nurse (her two children both just died in a car accident).

In France, the anarchist auto bandit gang members are guillotined (publicly, as was the custom). One of them was pardoned and exiled for life to Devil’s Island. There’s a nice write-up at Executed Today.

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