Sunday, April 07, 2013

Today -100: April 7, 1913: Of blockades, socialists, and jaywalkers

Although warships from Austria, Italy, Britain, France and Germany are blockading one of its ports, Montenegro refuses to give up its siege of Scutari, which the Powers want to go to Albania.

Woodrow Wilson plans to address Congress in person, something no president has done since Jefferson, to ask for tariff revision.

In Mondak, Montana, a negro is lynched (hanged, shot, burned). Later, authorities return his body to the jail for burial. Later still, someone breaks in to the jail, drags the corpse to the river and dumps it in.

Socialist candidates do badly in Berkeley municipal elections, except for a Mrs. Elvira Deals, who is elected to the school board.

Woodrow Wilson jaywalks, and the NYT (front page) is ON IT!

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