Friday, April 05, 2013

Today -100: April 5, 1913: Of zetas and zeppelins

The British authorities are more than a little worried about how WSPU suffragettes will respond to Emmeline Pankhurst’s prison sentence. Kidnappings? Assassinations? There’s already been some property damage: bombs on empty railroad cars, an empty house burned. Some of it maybe even by suffragettes.

Montenegro, still refusing to join the peace, is being blockaded by ships of all the Great Powers except Russia. King Nicholas says that acquiring the fertile agricultural lands of the Zeta Valley (as opposed to the “barren mountains” of Montenegro) “is a matter of life or death” for Montenegro, adding that he’s heard Zeta girls are totally easy.

German newspapers say that the crew of the Zeppelin 4 should have blown it (and themselves) up rather than land it in France.

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