Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Captive Nations Festapalooza 2013!

Obama issued a proclamation for Captive Nations Week 2013. So even stupid little symbolic Cold War relics like this one, which dates from 1959 when the “captive nations” were the Eastern European satellites of the Soviet Union, don’t go away. The proclamation fails to name any of the current captive nations. It does say that “too many people still labor in the darkness of tyranny and oppression,” fails to say how many is just the right number. The population of Egypt, the country which he’s still not willing to admit had a coup, is more than 80 million, if that’s any help.

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1 comment:

  1. Then there are captive nations like the Chagos Islands, which are so captive that their entire population was packed up and moved elsewhere (well, except for their dogs, which were slaughtered) so the US could have a handy base. Not to mention the UK itself, which seems somewhere along the way to have been annexed by the US. But I guess we won't be hearing about those captive nations.