Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Today -100: July 3, 1913: Of frame-ups, commemorating fighting with fighting, and identity theft

NY Gov. William Sulzer says that the breach-of-promise suit (“frame-up” he calls it) against him was contrived by Boss Murphy of Tammany. He says Mignon Hopkins sued him for this once before and that they settled out of court.

50,000 veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg (from both sides) have set up tents at the site of the battle and have been celebrating its 50th anniversary with heatstroke and a brawl in the Gettysburg Hotel which started when someone insulted Abraham Lincoln and ended with seven men being stabbed. Seems appropriate.

The Senate is still investigating lobbying practices. Testifying today -100, Wall Street stock broker and lobbyist David “The Wolf” Lamar admits that in his lobbying endeavours he often impersonated members of Congress, including future attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer, in phone calls with financial leaders (this was not actually illegal) or threatened them with the wrath of important congresscritters.

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