Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Today -100: July 2, 1913: Of breach of promise, balkan wars, and regattas

New York Gov. Sulzer is sued for breach of promise of marriage by a Miss Mignon Hopkins, who claims he proposed to her in 1903 (he married someone else in 1908). Sulzer says he’s never heard of her.

A committee of the NY Legislature will go after Gov. Sulzer, investigating charges that he failed to report campaign contributions, that he made promises of favors to William Randolph Hearst and others in exchange for financial support, that he threatened to veto bills to extort legislators into voting for his direct primary bill, etc. Sulzer calls the investigation “rot.” Note that this is Democrats trying to destroy a Democratic governor.

Greece announces that it will fight Bulgaria without issuing a formal declaration of war (it doesn’t want to take responsibility for officially starting a war which it claims Bulgaria actually started). Serbia simultaneously announces that a state of war exists and that it accepts Russian arbitration.

British police are out in force to protect the Henley Regatta against suffragette attack.

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