Monday, July 01, 2013

Today -100: July 1, 1913: Of Balkan wars, big armies, and suffragette plots

After weeks of minor skirmishing, the Second Balkan War begins in earnest with a major Bulgarian (or, as the increasingly erratic NYT Index puts it, Fulgarian; if there are no such people as the Fulgarians, there should be) attack on Serb forces in Macedonia and Greek forces in, I think, Salonika. Serb Prime Minister Pasitch was addressing his Parliament in support of accepting Russian mediation when the news arrived. Fulgaria did not issue a declaration of war (indeed, it claims that the Serbs and Greeks started the war).

The German Reichstag gives the kaiser the larger army he demanded. Some of the money for this will be raised by revoking the exemption of federal princes (whoever they might be) from taxation. The government said this was a patriotic gesture on the princes’ part and could not constitutionally be written into law, but the Reichstag wrote it into law anyway, because fuck those guys.

In Britain, the Daily Express says there is a suffragette plan to murder cabinet ministers if any suffragette dies in prison.

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