Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama goes to prison

Specifically, Nelson Mandela’s old cell on Robben Island. CAPTION CONTEST!

(Click on image to actually see it, grumble bloody Blogspot grumble grumble)

“Man, I’d just have droned his ass.”

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  1. brilliant post in the Guardian ' Might have been more impressive if he'd gone to visit a cell in Guantanamo...'

  2. Yeah, Frankie Boyle said on Twitter: Reading Guardian's article on Obama visiting Robben Island. It seems to have been faxed over from a dimension where Guantanamo doesn't exist.

  3. I am an older sadder man - I'd enjoyed the WIIIAI vitriol for years about Bush, but thought it was sometimes just a bit cheap going after Obama... but you were right. Damn.

  4. Honestly, I think I've taken it easier on Obama than he's deserved.

    Somebody -- I think it was me, actually -- once said of Bill Clinton that I'd had no expectations of him and he managed to disappoint them anyway.