Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Awad the Lame redux

The conviction of Sgt. Lawrence “Congratulations gents, we’ve just gotten away with murder” Hutchins III for a murder in Iraq in 2006, has been overturned.

As you may recall from my previous posts, his squad went out on a rogue mission to kill a suspected insurgent, but when that guy turned out not to be at home, they decided that any ol’ Iraqi would do and kidnapped and shot dead the man in the next house, who turned out to be Hashim Ibrahim Awad, a former policeman retired on medical grounds and known as Awad the Lame. Then planted an AK-47 and a shovel on him so they could claim he was planting an IED, even though they seem not to have had an actual IED, which you’d think would be a snag in their cunning little plan. Anyway, the army held him seven days and got a confession without his lawyer being present, so he’s out.

Fun exercise: google this story and count how many of today’s news reports mention Awad the Lame’s name.

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