Sunday, June 09, 2013

Today -100: June 9, 1913: She died for women

In the London civil trial of Women’s Social and Political Union leaders being sued by shop owners whose windows were broken by militants in 1912, Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence (who has since been thrown out of the WSPU) says, “The holes in those broken windows were mouths calling attention to the wrongs of hundreds of thousands of wives and mothers.”

Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette who interrupted the Derby, dies. Christabel Pankhurst writes “Miss Davison died for women. She did this to call attention to their wrongs and to win them votes. The Government’s refusal to grant the vote drove her to make her protest.”

After a case of smallpox is discovered in a negro Baptist church in D.C., the police surround the church and the parishioners are forcibly vaccinated (except those who had escaped through windows).

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