Monday, June 10, 2013

Today -100: June 10, 1913: Rum and dope did this

Headline of the Day -100: “Guns Drive Gypsies Off.” Atlantic City cops and a posse chase off a band of gypsies, driving them into the woods where they belong.

Least Believable Headline of the Day -100: “Union Miners Glad They Are Indicted.” 19 United Mine Workers officials, by a federal grand jury in West Virginia, under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act for conspiracy in restraint of trade or something like that.

The US government files suit to dissolve the Eastman Kodak Company for violations of the Anti-Trust Act.

Nathaniel Green, a negro who assaulted a white woman, is hanged, the first execution for such an offense in the District of Columbia. Woodrow Wilson refused clemency. Green’s supposed last words: “Rum and dope did this. I hope I’ll be an example to the other men of my race.”

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