Monday, June 24, 2013

Today -100: June 24, 1913: Of enemies of the state, Mexican mail, Baja, and angry midget managers

NY Gov. William Sulzer holds a sort of rally for his direct primary bill in the Capitol building. Here he is, winning friends and influencing people in his customary manner: “When I became governor I thought I didn’t have an enemy in the state. I know now that I have the most bitter enemies in the state. Nevertheless, I console myself with the reflection that every enemy that I have made in the performance of my duty since I became governor is an enemy of the state.” And so on. At length. Other supporters of the bill, including Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt also make speeches.

Pres. Wilson signs an appropriations bill containing a clause banning the use of funds for the prosecution of unions or farmers’ alliances for violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, although he attaches what these days is called a signing statement saying that he intends to ignore it.

The Mexican coup regime asks the US for help intercepting mail sent to Mexican revolutionists from the US .

The LAT claims “upon creditable authority” that the Mexican government has been trying to negotiate a large loan from Japanese bankers or, failing that, to sell Baja California to Japan for $40 million.

Headline of the Day -100: “Elephants Didn’t Go ’Round and ’Round.” (Sub-hed: “Managers of Midgets Angry.”) Some con artist got $1,500 from the owner of the Lilliputian Kingdom for a scheme to establish a circus.

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