Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today -100: August 14, 1914: The future of Mexico is in the hands of God

Britain declares war on Austria.

The Netherlands, worried about a possible German invasion, flood some districts to a depth of three feet.

The paper continues to be full of smug stories about how badly the Germans are doing in Belgium.  The Morning Post (London) correspondent says, “Like an angry dog, faced by a porcupine with bristles, defiant at every point, the vaunted Prussian Army stands puzzled.”

From Punch:

(You can tell he’s German because of the sausages.)

Former Provisional President Francisco Carbajal didn’t resign before fleeing Mexico City, because Congress had dissolved and there was no one to resign to.  The rest of the cabinet has also vanished, as well as the federal army.  The army is declared officially dissolved, since you can’t have an army without a government.  That’s a bit worrying, since the former soldiers stripped the arsenals and took all the weapons with them. Says Carbajal: “The future of Mexico is in the hands of God.”

Secretary of State Bryan says that Americans should get passports before traveling abroad.  They cost $1.  He also advises that they should maybe stay out of countries which are at war.

Fog of War of the Day -100: The Daily Citizen (London) says German socialist leader Karl Liebknecht has been shot for refusing to serve in the military.  Nope.

The US Senate ratifies 18 of Bryan’s peace treaties.

The belligerent powers complain about US plans to censor wireless, noting that the British can get around it by simply sending their messages over the border to Canada for transmission.

Headline of the Day -100 (Memphis Commercial Appeal):  “Leg Dropped From Air. Hit a Negro At Prayer and Created More Consternation Than Any Other Event in History.”  In Mississippi, some men spotted a huge buzzard carrying something.  They shot at it, it dropped what turned out to be a white man’s leg onto the aforementioned negro, possibly scavenged from the battlefields of Mexico, and I don’t believe a word of this.

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