Sunday, August 31, 2014

Today -100: August 31, 1914: You can do nothing but surrender

Headline of the Day -100 (Daily Mail):  “Women’s War: White Feathers for ‘Slackers.’”  Retired Royal Navy Admiral Charles Penrose Fitzgerald deputizes thirty women to hand out white feathers to men found “idling and loafing,” i.e., not in uniform.

Well, here’s a term you don’t want to see.  In an otherwise false story from a German source about how Louvain’s dastardly civilians attacked perfectly innocent German soldiers, it is mentioned that the town’s men were taken to a “concentration camp.”

The Russians have supposedly captured Königsberg in East Prussia (which today is called Woody Allen Kaliningrad, Russia).

The complete loss of three Russian army corps at the Battle of Tannenberg goes completely unreported in French and British newspapers.

Serbia accuses Austria of committing atrocities during its retreat.

German Samoa surrenders to New Zealand forces.

The German press is confident that German troops will be in Paris by Wednesday (two days from now).  A German plane drops some bombs on Paris, most of which did not go off, and leaflets saying “The German Army is at the gates of Paris; you can do nothing but surrender.”

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  1. a “concentration camp.”

    Another of those "great" British inventions