Friday, August 08, 2014

Today -100: August 8, 1914: Singing Germans are the worst kind

The Germans, still losing huge numbers trying to take Liège, Belgium, ask for a 24-hour armistice so they can retrieve their wounded and dead.  France awards Liège the Legion of Honor.  Germany says their failure to capture the city was not a defeat but “a unique act of heroism in the history of war and a sign of the heroic gallantry of our troops.”

The NYT notes that German cavalry haven’t been much seen in the Liège Siège Siege, but that motor trucks have changed warfare.

French troops have entered Belgium.

And Germany. Well, Alsace; France might argue about whether Alsace is Germany.

Montenegro declares war on Austria.

Germany and Austria are trying to bribe Italy to join the war with “territorial compensation.”  Tomorrow’s paper says this means colony(ies) (as opposed to Nice and Savoy, my first thought), but doesn’t say what colonies.  Tunisia would be my guess.  Anyway, Italy says no, claiming public opinion wouldn’t allow it.

Censorship is more stringent in Germany than, say, France, but the NYT (whose Berlin correspondent has already been arrested as a suspected spy and then released) did manage to get this story through: “Germany Goes Singing to War.”

The British Parliament passes the first Defence of the Realm Act (DORA), giving the government wide powers to prevent spying and, well, any other activity the government didn’t like.  Under another act passed 3 days ago, enemy aliens will have to register with the police and need permits to live in many prohibited areas.  Mass internment won’t be implemented until 1915, though.

Japan seems to have entered the war, sending ships to Tsingtao, the German-“leased” port in China (leased the same way Guantanamo is leased from Cuba).

Three negroes are lynched in Monroe, Louisiana in two separate lynchings for the same crime.

Mexican Federalists say they’ll fight the Constitutionalist entry into Mexico City unless concessions are made.  Constitutionalists say unless the city is surrendered, they will invoke an 1863 law and execute acting Pres. Carbajal and other officials.

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