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Today -100: August 6, 1914: Of dogfights, ethnic cleansing, glasses, Liège sieges, kitcheners, and boxers

First Lady Ellen Wilson is sick.

Fog of War (Rumors, Propaganda and Just Plain Bullshit) of the Day -100: The Daily Telegraph claims Italy is about to declare war on Austria.

More Fog of War??  Supposedly a German aviator and a Belgian aviator shot at each other, with revolvers.  No one was hurt.  I don’t think this really happened, but if it did it would have been the first ever aerial dogfight.

The Mexican Federal government’s council of war, consisting of 112 generals, which seems like a lot of generals to me, decides to surrender Mexico City unconditionally.

After anti-German rioting, Antwerp will expel all German residents.

The US may soon have a shortage of good-quality glasses lenses, as these come from Germany.

Belgium’s doing pretty well in the first battles.  It won’t last.  Germans besiege Liège, and if the Belgians didn’t want that to happen, they should have named it something less rhymey.

Britain claims that Germany had promised that it would not take territory from mainland France, but made no such promise about its colonies.

For the past few months, Prime Minister Asquith has also held the post of secretary of state for war, since J.E.B. Seeley resigned over the Curraugh Mutiny.  Now Britain needs a real one and it will be Horatio Herbert Kitchener, inventor of the concentration camp during the Boer War, as it probably says on his calling cards.

War measures in Austria: food price-gouging punishable by up to 1 year imprisonment; marriages may be performed without publication of bans.

Woodrow Wilson asks Austria, Germany, France, Britain and Russia if they’d like his help in ending the war, under the Hague Convention for settling international disputes (he didn’t ask Serbia, which is not a signatory).

Headline of the Day -100:  “French Repulse Germans.”  As is the custom.

The Lusitania has turned around and is coming back to some US port, fleeing two German cruisers.

LA Times columnist Harry Carr asks the important and not at all silly question:

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  1. The concentration camps used in the Boer War were not a prototype for the Nazi concentration camps, and neither were they original, being obviously derived from the reservations used by the US in the Indian Wars. So no invention there.