Friday, January 02, 2015

Today -100: January 2, 1915: You sunk my battleship!

Whatever is the world coming to? New York’s first woman taxicab driver, who is named Wilma Russey, because of course she is, begins her blasphemous work. Wearing a leopard-skin hat and stole and black leather gloves and some other clothes which the NYT describes in detail, as was the custom.  To further blow 1915 minds, Miss Russey has been working for the last year as an auto mechanic.

The British battleship Formidable turns out to be not so much, sinking in the English Channel with a loss of 600 men, with 150 rescued.  It’s unknown whether it was hit by a torpedo or a mine.

Turkey will change its property laws in Palestine to allow Zionist groups to buy up to 1/3 of the province.

Booker T. Washington says there were 52 lynchings in the United States in 1914, of whom 49 were black, 3 white.  3 were women.  There were 2 in Alabama, 1 in Arkansas, 4 in Florida, 2 in Georgia, 12 each in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1 in Missouri, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in North Dakota, 1 in North Carolina, 3 in Oklahoma, 1 in Oregon, 4 in South Carolina, 1 in Tennessee and 6 in Texas.

In a rather weird charity sponsorship thing, for every rabbit people kill in Oregon, the federal government will donate 5¢ to the Belgian Relief Committee.

French President Raymond Poincaré says the war will end this year.  That’ll be nice.

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