Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today -100: January 24, 1915: The subject is too revolting to humanity to be employed for political propaganda

Germany warns Romania that its order to mobilize its military will be regarded as a hostile act.

Russian Prime Minister Goremykin denies as “nonsense” rumors being spread by Germany that Jews are being slaughtered in Russian Poland. GoreMyKin, his name is. He adds that he is surprised to hear Jews talking of emancipation. Yes, they’ve been serving loyally in the army, he admits, but if they hadn’t they would have been shot, so it’s not like they should be given something in return.

No, really, that’s what he said.

The German ambassador to the US says why would he lie about the Russians killing Jews in Poland, “The subject is too revolting to humanity to be employed for political propaganda.”

A committee investigating the NY State Reformatory for Women at Bedford Hills considers reversing former superintendent Katharine Davis’s policy of making white and black prisoners roomies, but admits that segregation would violate state law.

The will of Charles Emery, former head of the American Tobacco Company, includes $50,000 for his grandson upon his 30th birthday, provided he has abstained from tobacco.

Pres. Wilson orders a census of the unemployed. Because he thinks people have been exaggerating their number for political purposes.

Carranza has supposedly had the father, mother, wife and three children of Gen. Santibanez taken hostage, saying they will be executed if Carranza’s brother Jesus is not released.

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