Thursday, January 08, 2015

Today -100: January 8, 1915: Er, what exactly disqualifies a nation from being called “civilized?”

After 3½ months of investigating, the commission appointed by the French government to look into charges of German atrocities has concluded that there have indeed been German atrocities. “We must conclude that there never has been a war against civilized nations of so savage and ferocious a character as that waged upon our soil by our implacable adversary. Pillage, outrage, burning, and murder are ordinary practices of our enemies”. And rape, lots of rape.

Germany denies arresting Cardinal Mercier. Germany totally arrested Cardinal Mercier.

Former member of the Russian Duma Shmaryah Levin, a Zionist, says 1,000 or more Jews have been massacred in Russian Poland by Poles and Cossacks. When the invading German troops were driven out, Poles told soldiers that Jews had collaborated with the Germans; thus, the massacres. Many more Jews were told to leave.

The House of Representatives has rejected the amendment excluding negro immigrants the Senate added to the immigration bill, although Rep. Joe Eagle (D-Texas) suggests that negro migration should go in the other direction, i.e., back to Africa. The amendment loses 252-75, all 75 being Democrats. The House accepts the Senate’s provisions banning chronic alcoholics and people with “constitutional psychopathic inferiority.”

Seriously, “Joe Eagle”?

Headline of the Day -100: “ONLY AMERICAN BREAD RESTRAINS BELGIANS; Without It They Would Hurl Themselves on German Bayonets, Says Palmer.” So often the problem with humanitarian aid: American charity in shipping large amounts of food to Belgium keeps the Belgians from starving, but also makes the occupation easier and cheaper for Germany.

NY Gov. Whitman “emphatically” opposes ending the death penalty.

The Federal District Court rules that Arizona’s 1914 referendum requiring businesses to employ no more than 20% foreign employees is unconstitutional. Britain and Italy had complained that the law violated their treaty rights.

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