Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Today -100: January 6, 1915: Of vultures, patriotism & endurance, and propellers

There have been meetings demanding justice for Leo Frank in Chicago, New York, I believe San Francisco, and elsewhere.  Former Georgia Gov. Joseph Brown calls for him to be executed at once, saying the movement for a new trial is based solely on the fact that Frank is a Jew.  Frank responds, “When I read that tirade – unfair, cruel and untruthful - I remembered that, when Prometheus was bound to the rock it was the vulture, and not the eagle, that struck its beak into his vitals.”  That’s telling him!  (Actually, it’s a pretty strong letter, worth reading, making the case that Gov. Brown’s letter was based solely on politics.)

The Germans arrest Cardinal Mercier of Malines/Mechelen in Belgium (near Antwerp).  He’d issued a pastoral letter “Patriotism and Endurance,” saying that no obedience is owed the German occupiers.  It was read in many churches on Sunday.

Russian troops are “menacing Transylvania.”  You can write the joke as well as I can.

Transylvania, by the way, was at that time part of Hungary.

Pope Benedict has gotten warring nations to agree to an exchange of prisoners who are too injured to return to the war.

Headline of the Day -100:  “FIGHT WITH FISTS FOR AN AEROPLANE. Russians Win Bout with Germans Between Trenches — Propeller Kills German Airman.”

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