Friday, March 13, 2015

Today -100: March 13, 1915: Of looting, fines, and perfect eugenic babies

John McManus, an American who owns mines in Mexico, is killed by Zapata’s forces in Mexico City, which they have just occupied. Evidently flying an American flag over your house doesn’t protect you. Gen. Salazar says McManus fired first, admittedly, while the soldiers were looting his house, or possibly they had gone to get revenge, since the last time the Zapatistas occupied the capital, McManus killed three of them trying to loot his home. The Chicago Tribune prints a letter he wrote to his sister describing how he happened to kill the “greasers”). Gen. Salazar is rumored to have had the soldiers who killed McManus shot.

Sen. George Norris (R-Nebraska) wants the US to send an invading force to restore order in Mexico in conjunction with France, Spain and Britain.

Germany is fining occupied Lille 500,000 francs for cheering French prisoners of war.

These are William Flynn (37 months) and Alene Calvert Houck (17 months). And they are perfect, evidently.

They’ve been examined at the Eugenics Congress in L.A. and been awarded trophies attesting to their 100% perfection. So yes, their mothers plan to breed them.

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